by Traci Bautista November 11, 2022

mixed media painting with #tracibautistaCOLOR PIGMENT BARS

Hey creative friends! Welcome to #tracibautistacolor! In this video, I share behind the scenes in my studio while I PLAY in one of my morning sunrise studio sessions using my brand new #tracibautistaCOLOR pigment bars and the FOREVER CHASING SUNSETS handcrafted watercolor collection. I show various days of packing and shipping in the studio, and talk a little bit about the sustainable packaging I use.

You’ll also get to see a few snippets of how I use all of my mixed media products together along with the PIGMENT bars. Enjoy the video…

Thanks for watching!! 🥰 xo~Traci



#tracibautistaCOLOR PIGMENT BARS

#tracibautistaCOLOR FOREVER chasing sunsets handcrafted artisanal watercolor

Created with the mixed media artist in mind, the PIGMENT BARS are richly pigmented wax drawing bars and painting blocks have the creamy consistency of an oil bar and oil pastels.

The PIGMENT BARS are handmade with a blend of waxes {organic soy & organic beeswax} and a mixture of natural earth pigments and micas. Some have different variations of metallic sheen and multiple pigments. Many of the pigment bars are duotone/tritone, meaning they have two sometimes three colors in one bar.

They have a beautiful, creamy consistency and deposit a lot of color. They can be layered over each other to create vibrant color mixes and blended with a blender bar, your fingers or a brush. They can be used over or under my handmade watercolors, as a resist with watercolor, with water soluble pencils and brushed through with stencils plus a plethora of mixed media techniques.



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Traci Bautista
Traci Bautista